About Us


The WhiteHaven brand draws its name from the inspiration of a splendid Australian beach, which perfectly embodies our essence. Imagine a peaceful and serene shoreline, with crystal clear waters, a little corner of earthly paradise where you instantly recharge and relax. It is this emotion that we wanted to capture in the design of our watches, and we are convinced that we have succeeded.

At WhiteHaven, we consider that a watch is much more than a simple accessory, it becomes an extension of the personality, a symbol of refinement and elegance. Each model is carefully designed to combine comfort and chic.

When you choose a WhiteHaven watch, you are making more than an aesthetic choice, you are making a statement that reflects your uniqueness. This is how our collection becomes an authentic reflection of those who wear it.


We sincerely believe that good style should always be accessible, even when it meets exacting standards. Our immense attention to detail is a source of pride, and at WhiteHaven we strive for a modern style that transcends time. Our passion is to combine refreshing touches with relaxed elegance and a resolutely contemporary look. That's why our collection offers a plethora of fabulous shades, sumptuous materials and diverse bracelets to choose from.

When you invest in a WhiteHaven watch, you complement your look seamlessly. It is the very essence of your personality that is expressed through this choice, adding a final touch that is unique to you.


In our approach and aesthetic we are imbued with a deep Australian essence. Each watch is meticulously crafted with precision, but our goal is not to follow in the footsteps of the big brands; we aspire to be totally unique!

Our identity is unmistakably Australian, and it is in our creations that you will feel the essence of that beach we told you about, giving you a quintessentially Australian experience. Rest assured that with us, authenticity and originality are our watchwords.


We are equally proud of the rigor of our quality, meticulously selecting materials from prestigious suppliers. Each completed watch is subject to quality controls. This process results in what we consider the epitome of horological perfection, an authentic WhiteHaven watch.